Pataniscas Satânicas

Pataniscas Satânicas

domingo, 29 de novembro de 2015

Sometimes when you fall... - Part VII

Crackling light and ozone.

He holds on to the bow mast of the Endeavour as the Imperial Hunters swarm around him. He can see the cannon hatches opening on their hulls. He shouts an order to the pilot, a friend of his from the College of Natural Philosophy he had rescued from prison just before they took on the mission. The Endeavour banks sharply to the left, just as the Imperial cannons roar, and avoids most of the shots.

The clouds and the rain pelt his face as the Magnetrolyte-powered airship falls through the sky, evading its chasers, and he has never felt as excited in his life.

The Master at Arms scrambles up to him and tells him the Hunters are coming back for another round. He cracks a smile and says he’s got it all under control.

He reaches out his arm into the storm. The Electro-Capacitor Gauntlet is his own design, and the spark plugs lighten up as it begins to bottle in energy from the lightnings.

The Hunters buzz back, their green lights illuminating the Imperial Crest on their side. The dials and gauges in the Gauntlet are all in the red. He presses his thumb and the blue crystal in his palm lights up.

Lightning arcs out to the hunters and they explode in metallic pieces. 
He laughs.

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